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Mueller Electric Industry - Medical The modern Medical industry is highly dependent on a wide variety of advanced equipment and applications that utilize many of the clips, test leads and accessories as well as custom built cable assemblies that Mueller manufactures. We stock and sell many different types of clips as well as test and measurement products to customers in or related to the medical industry. The art of providing great medical care offers no boundaries with regard to patient care and wellbeing and Mueller has been able to provide out of the box solutions to many within the industry.

Our Products In Action
Mueller manufactures custom solutions for various applications such as the fulfillment of pericardiocentesis kits, pacemaker kits, medical monitors, home galvanic units and diaphragm pacing regulators. These items are used in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and home environments assisting practitioners in improving the lives of many. Additionally, Mueller has been supplying biomed departments with clips, test leads custom cables as well facilitating maintenance procedures to keep vital equipment in good working order.

More specifically, Mueller manufactures custom cables for home and hospital devices, plungers for cardiac procedures, components for medical kit and trays, hooks and clips for hanging IV bags and clips and insulators used on medical monitoring equipment designed to insure safety in the medical environment. Custom assembly is also available for critical equipment components with specific custom requirements built to improve the patient experience.

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