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What's New At Mueller?

Mueller Electric, 115 Years Old And Still Growing!


MUELLER ELECTRIC, LOCATED AT 2850 GILCHRIST RD. IN AKRON, HAS BEEN AN ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURER IN OHIO FOR 113 YEARS. MUELLER ELECTRIC IS FAMOUS FOR BEING THE INVENTOR OF THE ALLIGATOR CLIP.  Mueller Electric has recently announced acquiring Elcor, Inc., to be incorporated as the Elcor division of Mueller Electric, that will allow Mueller Electric to ex- pand quality electric and electronic component offer- ings to new and current customers in U.S. and overseas. This new alliance will result in even better capabilities, line offerings and more production, while strengthening quality, service and value for clients of both companies.

Mueller Electric, long-time manufacturer of qual- ity electric and electronic components since 1908, is known as the inventor of the alligator clip. With head- quarters based in Akron, Ohio and global locations in England and China, Mueller Electric has come a long way since it’s beginning and is now a major player in the electronics industry with 2500 high-quality parts and components with numerous product lines. Mueller Electric sells parts to consumers as well as to more than 50 electronic distributors including Digi-Key, Allied, Mouser, RS Components, Farnell and Arrow Electronics to name a few.

Elcor, Inc., an Elyria-based electronics company in business for more than 50 years, creates and manufactures custom in- jection-molded parts, cable assemblies, power cords, cord sets, wiring harnesses and sub assemblies for original equipment manufacturers. Elcor is known for their slogan, “making the quality connection with Elcor,” and for “delivering more value in the service and reliability given to businesses.” The company owns a large base of tooling and supplies for cost-efficient production. One of Elcor’s major strengths include their level of involvement with injection- over molded parts, specifically by minimizing cost, constructing molds, selecting materials and assuring quality.

The union of these two companies promises endless benefits for potential and opportunity. Elcor and Mueller Electric share common values that will strengthen and accelerate the partnership that will quickly pair Elcor’s diverse tooling and skills in creating molds with solutions for Mueller Electric’s relationship with large distributors that have a demand for molding and overmolding capabilities.

“The synergies between the two companies were just right,” says Cliff Prosek, President of Mueller Electric, “both Mueller and Elcor have the same philosophies regarding quality, service and val- ue. We were looking to do business with a partner who specializes in moldingEDDIE WILLIAMS, GENERAL MANAGER FROM ELCOR (LEFT), AND  CLIFF PROSEK, PRESIDENT FROM MUELLER ELECTRIC, DISCUSS DETAILS OF THE COMPANY MERGER. and overmolding tech- niques to be able to expand our instrumentation offering for both OEM and custom-made orders,” explains Prosek. “Then I found out the owners were looking to retire. The timing was right for us to come together to be able to offer even more expanded products and product lines for our cus- tomer base. I’m really enthusiastic to work with Elcor and learn from their own developed, high class of standards for quality, safety and customer retention. Combined with our own way of doing things, this partnership will prove to be very positive and beneficial and will only allow Mueller Electric to grow and expand as a quality producer of electronic products that will please our clients and theirs tremendously,” concludes Prosek.

“Elcor and Mueller Electric are a great match,” says Eddie Williams, General Manager of Elcor for 9 years, “I see a lot of similarities between the two companies in regard to quality. For example at Elcor, our customers have always been number one and we offer them the best quality. Our product goals include zero defects, on-time delivery and continuous improvement. Elcor has a great group of dedicated employees, many of which have worked at Elcor for 25 years or more. I also want both our clients and staff to know that we will continue to operate as normal and deliver the same high-quality products as always,” concludes Williams.

Mueller Electric is presently involved in expanding a line of instrumentation cables for new and existing clients, specifically factory automation cables, as part of a multi-million-dollar demand for plants and factories to update production equipment. Mueller and Elcor can now work together on devising molds for custom parts for large existing clients. Elcor can consult with Mueller Electric on selecting the best substrates to use for over molded parts according to specific use and then be able to increase product capabilities and lines offered for existing and new clients. Mueller Electric and Elcor can now collab- orate to increase production of over molds that are used in various products to maximize output of parts for distribution.

Mueller Electric will inherit two major clients through the ownership transfer of Elcor: Invacare and Nordson. Invacare is the world’s leading manufacturer of home and long-term medical equipment such as wheelchairs, disability scooters and bariatric equipment. Elcor currently produces many of the electronic components and cables needed for the motors used in these types of equipment. By aligning with Elcor, Mueller Electric will now be able to pursue many new avenues of oppor- tunity in healthcare markets.

Nordson Corporation is a multi-national corporation that designs and manufacturers dispensing equipment for industrial ad- hesives, sealants and coatings, such as that used for assembly in the automotive and medical industries. Already well known in some of these markets, Mueller is now able to expand offerings for limitless potential.

As part of the new introductory process for this unification, Prosek’s goal is to transplant some of Mueller Electric’s staff with Elcor’s in Elyria and vice versa in order to cross train and learn about the other company’s engineering and production methods over the course of the next several months.

For more information on Mueller Electric, go to or call 800.955.2629. For more information on Elcor, Incorporated, go to or call 440.365.5941.

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Mueller Electric Is Now A Member Of The National Association Of Electrical Distributors (NAED)!

Mueller Electric has joined the organization, National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), as an associate manufacturer member. With more then 2300 electric and electrical components, Mueller Electric works closely with many distributors to supply quality-made, value-added OEM and custom-made products to industry leaders and the public. We at Mueller Electric are delighted to be added to this legacy and work with even more distributors to advocate our brand.

As a new NAED member, Mueller Electric will benefit with higher visibility to 400 additional distributors having more than 5,000 branches nationwide, opportunities to network and build partnerships and the capacity to strengthen our company with additional industry knowledge.  


Mueller Electric Now Has Instrumentation Cables

Mueller Electric now has hundreds of instrumentation cables to fit any need you may have! 

We provide versatile and easy-to-install instrumentation cables that offer quick and inexpensive solutions to adapt to your automation needs and keep equipment running in a budget-friendly environment. Our new M12, M8 & M5 instrumentation cables are designed to evolve with advancements in industrial automation and offer 3, 4, 5, 8 and 12 position male and female assemblies in straight and right-angle molding types for a wide range of factory-automation connection requirements. 

Most of our cables can serve either A-coding, B-coding, C-coding, D-coding or X-coding applications from stock and ALL of them meet IEC standards, carrying an IP67 waterproof rating or higher which means they can withstand the toughest environments. 

Click here to view our NEW online instrumentation menu to find the cable(s) best for you. Mueller Electric can even create custom cables on the chance that you don’t see what you need here. 

Click here to get more information on instrumentation cables including M12 cables and connector types, standards, ratings and benefits to buying from Mueller Electric. 

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have! 


THE BU-131-B

We have exciting news! We are adding many new products to our online catalog, the newest of which is the BU-131-B.

Very similar to the BU-131, BU-131-A and BU-133, this clip can be used in the same circumstances and is perfect for grounding and/or bonding of drums, machinery, large and small containers and personnel in areas containing flammables and dust. Like other clips mentioned in the BU-131 and BU-133 family, these parts provide very strong clamp pressure. 

The BU-131-B differs from the BU-131 and BU-133 in that it has serrated jaws instead of points, which make it excellent at gripping flat objects. Because of its strong clamp pressure,the BU-131-B will not twist once clamped onto an object. 

Also available is the BU-131-A, which also has serrated jaws, only on a curved base, which makes it great for gripping rounded or irregular-shaped objects. If you already have a BU-131 or BU-133 or are looking for a clip with excellent hold on unpainted surfaces,the BU-131-B will make a great addition to any tookit! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you!