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2/0 Yellow Grounding Cable Class K

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2/0 Yellow Grounding Cable Class K

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Yellow 2/0 Utility Ground Wire

  • This 2/0 grounding cable is made with an extra flexible strand of soft drawn .01” copper
  • Yellow thermoplastic elastomer jacketed cable (standard for grounding service)
  • Provides a combination of economy, flexibility, and durability
  • Short Circut Withstand AMPSm RMS 60HZ:
    • 15 Cycles: 27000 A
    • 30 Cycles: 20000 A
  • Continuous Current AMPS, RMS, 60Hz: 300

    Model #:
    Temporary Protective Grounds
    Data Files:

    Product Details

    Material Copper
    Wire Gauge (AWG) 2/0

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