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Aluminum 4/0 Grounding Ferrule

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Aluminum 4/0 Grounding Ferrule

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Aluminum 4/0 Grounding Ferrule 

Grounding ferrules are used to create a low resistance connection through compressing the cable strands to the threaded stud that screws into the tapped boss on the clamp.

  • Use on aluminum body clamps
  • Unshrouded
  • Nut and Lock washer is included as it increases the contact pressure
  • Manufactured with a 5/8-11 UNC threaded stud
  • ASTM Grade 2
  • Size: 4/0
  • Burndy Die Number: U243
  • Weight: 1.88 oz.
Model #: BU-138-4F
Category: Temporary Protective Grounds
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Product Details

Material Aluminum
Wire Connection Crimp
Wire Gauge (AWG) 4/0

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