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Automotive Clip, Copper, "EZ Squeeze"

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about BU-21CEZ


The BU-21CEZ is Mueller's "EZ Squeeze" version of the BU-21. Uses mechanical action to reduce the force needed to open jaws by up to 75%, making this clip easy to use for long periods by anyone.
Model #: BU-21CEZ
Category: Clips
Weight: 121.2 g
Dimensions: 4.5" (L), 1.1" (W), 2.7" (H)
Data Files:

Product Details

Copper, Zinc plated steel
Jaw Opening Category
1.01 to 1.63 (IN)
Wire Gauge (AWG)
Up to 8
Rohs Compliant
Clip Length Category
4.01 to 10.0 (IN)
Clip Form
Compression Spring

Inventory & Distributors

Mueller Inventory: 834
Mueller Europe Inventory: 1509

Distributor Inventory: 136
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