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General Purpose Marine Clip

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about BU-27M


The BU-27M is a general purpose marine clip which is made from solid copper, and uses stainless steel and brass hardware making these clips ideal for coastal and marine environments. Salt water testing has shown that these clips can last up to five times longer than traditional steel or copper clips. Connects to wire up to 12 AWG via crimp or screw connection.
Model #: BU-27M
Category: Clips
Weight: 13.6 g
Dimensions: 2.44" (L), 0.69" (W), 0.68" (H)
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Product Details

Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel
Jaw Opening Category
.44 to .62 (IN)
Wire Connection
Crimp / Screw
Wire Gauge (AWG)
Up to 12
Rohs Compliant
Clip Length Category
2.01 to 2.5 (IN)
Clip Form
Compression Spring

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