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Stainless-steel Alligator Clip

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Stainless-steel Alligator Clip

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about BU-60X


The BU-60X is a stainless-steel version of the BU-60, Mueller Electric's most common and versatile alligator clip. Compatible with BU-62 flexible PVC and BU-62S high-temperature PVC insulators. Has a barrel that is compatible with 4mm banana plugs.

The BU-60X is compatible for use with the BU-CRIMPER tool.

Model #: BU-60X
Category: Clips
Weight: 3.26 g
Dimensions: 1.96" (L), 0.31" (W), 0.49" (H)
Data Files:

Product Details

Clip Material
Stainless Steel
Wire Connection
Crimp/Solder/Banana Jack
Clip Length
2.01 to 2.5 (IN)
Jaw Opening
.09 to .43 (IN)
Clip Form
RoHS Compliant

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